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My job… January 4, 2018

Posted by Christine Smith in Uncategorized.


I don’t know if you can help or offer advice on my circumstance, but I would really appreciate your point of view and a possible starting point on potentially changing my life.

I have never been a religious person but I am finding myself becoming more interested in Christianity and using my life to help others which is what I believe is a core Christian value.
My problem is I work as a Domanatrix and think this may be at odds with a more Christian lifestyle.
My question really is, is it possible to be a good Christian and continue with this lifestyle? I feel that if I want to become more involved in Christianity it will be necessary for me to stop what I’m doing.
I don’t necessarily feel like I am doing wrong but I’m not sure if this is because I am still quite ignorant of bible teachings.
I hope you can take the time to offer your advice/opinion.
Many thanks.


Christine’s reply,
Hello Miss Anon UK,
Thank you for writing to my Christian Agony Aunt.
It has to be commended how you have written to a Christian source instead of a secular one for advice as it does show that you have a desire to do what is right according to Biblical teaching.
You are privileged because the Bible makes clear that when a desire for Christianity begins it is because God is drawing you because naturally speaking we do not have a desire for God.
As you get to know more about Christianity and do come to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour you will begin to read His word, and God will start to convict you of anything in your life that is not well pleasing to Him or that is incompatible with a Christian lifestyle and it will be up to you to respond.
The Bible speaks of 30%, 60%, 100% Christians and God loves all and we can have as much or as little of Him as we choose. But the very best and closest walk with God is when responding to His conviction – regardless of what some Christians may approve or disapprove of, because sadly these days there are some Christians who are choosing to disregard certain Scriptures if it happens to oppose something they want to do. The Bible calls this rebellion.
To be blunt as you have taken the time to ask…  from certain Scriptures, I do not think that your particular job is what a Christian should be involved in. I can send you many of these Scriptures if you would like.
God bless you in your search for the truth,
Christian Agony Aunt.


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