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Help. What should I do? March 2, 2017

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My parents are ministers. I told mom and dad I have exams all week, but my dad said that I hadn’t told him and says if I’d told him he could have prayed for me. My mom said that just because he didn’t pray for me doesn’t mean I won’t pass. So they start arguing about me AGAIN. Dad said he was fed up with me and that I always make him angry. The next day they were arguing again and dad said it was always my fault and says he doesn’t want anything to do with me.

I am going to run away! I don’t think my dad likes me.

I’ve already written a letter to them saying why I’m going to run away and I’m going in 2hrs time! Help. What should I do?

15 year old Christian girl.

Christine’s reply:

Sweetheart don’t go! You are only 15!

I agree it sounds cruel what has been said to you but running off is not the answer.

It’s hard to understand why a Father would say such hurtful things to a child but he has and there is a better way of dealing with it. First, you have to believe that you are not the problem and you are not what he says about you. They are the grown ups and you are the child. The Bible is against anger and a hurtful tongue, so you must not go on thinking you are at fault.

Burn the letter and do not run away. Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour  and they have the problem not you. I hope I can convince you that you should not go and that you are not to blame.

I really believe your dad loves you but just takes his own issues out on you. But listen, every Christian and every parent has their weaknesses flaws,  and problems, Keep in mind that no-one is perfect. I believe you are loved but by a parent who for some reason has issues of their own.

Hold on. Jesus loves you. I am praying for you.

God bless, Christine.

15-year-old girls’ reply:

Thank you so much. In the end I didn’t go. My dad said he didn’t mean the words that he said and that he loves me dearly.

Thank you so much for your support an prayers. I love your Christian agony aunt. It was a help when I needed someone to share with who doesn’t know me. Thank you so much.

Love 15-year-old girl. X

 Christine’s reply:

 I am so happy to hear it. You are loved and that’s what matters. Forgive imperfections and move on. Express your love for your parents over and again as it will touch their hearts.

No-one is perfect, and sometimes children can expect too much of their parents due to not realising what responsibilities they may have, or what they may be going through – married life can be tough sometimes. I know there is no excuse for hurtful words, but Praise God he responded to the Lord’s conviction and realised this.

Thank you for your kind words to me about my Christian Agony Aunt. I am here if you ever need a listening ear (you will be anonymous).

God bless,


Email christianagonyaunt@gmail.com

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