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A plague within… February 13, 2015

Posted by Christine Smith in Uncategorized.
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Dear Aunt Agony,
I chanced upon your webpage and am really encouraged to find that there are individuals who care to reach out and lend a listening ear.

It feels a little strange for me to be seeking help–one who grew up in a loving Christian home and was taught the Scriptures from an early age.  I am supposed to be a model but I have a great problem that has been haunting me for months.

 I’ve prayed for mercy on my soul.  Yet they still plague me. I think I’m losing my good sense.
 I can’t seem to be able to share it with anyone I know.
My parents or friends would be extremely shocked and grieved.
Do you have advice for this?  I would greatly appreciate your kind help.
Thank you very much.  May God bless you and your ministry.


P.S.  I would very much wish to remain anonymous.  Thank you.

Miss anon reply:

Dear Ms Christine,

 Thank you very much for your sound Christian advice.
It was a great help, relief to be able to share this with someone, to somehow “get it off.”
I will definitely try my best to resist the evil in my heart.
Thank you again and may God repay you from His storehouse of blessings.
Miss anon.
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Thank you it has helped February 9, 2015

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Thank you.

That has made things a bit easier to understand especially with the prodigal son. It seems silly to me now. 

I’m still confused about what to do and where to go but this has helped to throw a new light onto everything.
Thank you
You can publish but I want to be anonymous


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