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god bless you October 3, 2012

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“Dear Christine,

When I first wrote in to you, you referred me to quite a few of your other posts. I have read them and re-read them and they have been such a blessing to me. They have been so relevant to me that I have sat speechless.

I just want to thank you once again and let you know that you have blessed someone and that God has used you in my life.  You were so kind and gentle and so full of love and encouragement and then to boot you gave me all these posts to read, that just hit me between my eyes and plunged into my heart. They were written just for me. I sat with tears and realized God was working in my life and I was too blind to see  that the Potter was moulding me, teaching me, showing me that He is all I need”

Thank you so very much  and God bless you always!’

A sadly divorced Christian.


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