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Christian Agony Aunt for Christian women…

Hello. I am Christine Smith and this is my ‘Christian Agony Aunt for Christian women.

“Even in laughter the heart may be in pain” (Proverbs 14:13).

Sadly, there are women for whom this Scripture is true: smiling on the outside, yet unhappy inside. Women are suffering in silence because they are unable to share a secret problem with anyone, and you could be one of them. For this reason, the Lord prompted me to start this Christian Agony Aunt which has already helped many women.

Over many years women have shared their secrets with me. Some just needed a listening ear and someone they could trust to keep quiet about a secret problem. I have kept secrets locked inside for as long as I can remember and have felt privileged to uphold women in prayer.

My Christian Agony Aunt is an anonymous place where a Christian woman of any age can share a problem. It could be that another woman is going through the same as you, and it can be of help to someone to see they are not alone.

I give guidance from Scripture as I have proved that the Bible has an answer for everyone and everything. It is alive!

I promise you will not regret writing in, not one person has as yet (see comments).

Email:  christianagonyaunt@gmail.com

(please state if wanting to be anonymous).

Don’t suffer in silence. Write today.

Please forward this link to anyone who you may feel could benefit from emailing Christian Agony Aunt.

God bless you,


My books: see ‘post’ Christine’s books


1. Gab - August 3, 2014

You made me see this in a new light. Thanks for this. It gave me a lot to think about.
Miss G.

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